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Due to an Information System Disaster Backup Drill on Saturday, August 7, 2021, Partial services of the Official Website、Personal Internet Banking、Mobile Banking and Global e-Banking will be supended from 13:00 to 17:00 on that day.
Fraud Alert E-mail "Phishing"
Customers Security Awareness
Do use at least 6-8 characters and a combination of letters and numbers.(the letter have capital and small to distinguish) .
Do not use a password that contains part of company ID, personal ID, telephone No. etc.
If the user’s password is not changed over one year, we will remind you to renew your password when you log into the Internet Banking.
If you ever suspect that someone may have your password, reset it as soon as possible.
Dear customer, here to remind you that you link to our Internet Banking service from external website (), we recommend you to add our website to “My Favorite”. In the future, please select our Internet Banking link from “My Favorite” to login and use our service. Please avoid linking to our Internet Banking service from external website for protecting your online transactions security.